Misunderstood (Knowing God)
Autor: by Eileen T. Waldron  |  Album: from Themestream  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 22/02/2006
It amazes me that a God so good
Is by many, so easily misunderstood
I think it's because we don't take the time
To learn that He is truly Divine

When we bring Him down to our level of humanity
We mistakenly underestimate His level of Sanctity
He is a stand-alone God, Perfect and Unique
But, not a cold transcendent being covered in mystique

A loving Father who gave His only Son
To die for us so our salvation could be won
He is matchless in every way beyond compare
Yet, He broke Himself into pieces so we could have a share

He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
A Trinity created to help us merit
All the riches in glory His Son has won
To share with all believers when our life is done

I ask you please, take a second look
At this awesome God whom you mistook
Let the warmth of His love set you on fire
Til His will for you becomes your main desire.
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