The Purpose Of Life
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Adaugata in 18/02/2006
We have a high calling in Jesus Christ our Lord
From the day that we are born until our final reward.
We were created to bring Him glory in all that we do
When this life has ended we want to be found faithful and true.

Each day our lives reflect our feelings for our God
Everything we do must be balanced while on this earth we trod,
We are to glorify Him in the words which we think and speak
Our conversation is to be pleasing to the One which we seek.

Our walk is with the Lord as his Spirit within leads the way
He is there to guide us onward each and every day,
His laws are for our well being and made for us to obey,
He listens to our petitions and earnestly hears us as we pray.

Our purpose in life is to reverence and honor our Father
To love and respect Him and also one another,
We are to share his love as commissioned by our Savior
One day our purpose will be fulfilled if we abide in his grace and favor.

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