The Storms of Life
Autor: Anonim  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 18/02/2006
Caught up in the storms of life,
Not knowing which way to turn,
I call upon my best friend
To carry me through the storm.

He walks beside me every step,
Guiding me along the way.
He carries me when I can't walk
And brings sunshine to my day.

He comforts me when I am torn
And fills my heart with peace.
He wipes away all of my tears
When I'm crying on my knees.

Though others may desert me,
My friend is always there.
Though others let me down,
I know He always cares.

He never will forsake me.
His love for me is true.
My friend who carries me
Can also carry you.

Has your heart been broken?
Have you been betrayed?
Do you wonder where to go?
Have you lost your way?

The only way is Jesus.
Give your heart to Him, my friend.
Put the darkness behind you
And find joy in following Him.

By giving your heart to Jesus,
You will never be alone.
You'll find a greater peace
Than you have ever known.

Once you know my Jesus
And storms come crashing in,
You will not be consumed ...
Just call upon your friend.

Jesus is your protection
From the storms of life.
You will never have to fear
With Jesus by your side.

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