Through The Eyes Of Grace
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Adaugata in 18/02/2006
The Father was looking down one day,
At all of us in the human race.
His view was one of compassion,
Looking through the eyes of Grace.

"I will send them my salvation,
It will be packaged within my Son.
His death will pay for their sin,
For a Savior, He’s the only one."

"Hereafter my view is optional,
Whether as a judge or a father,
Forgiving all those who will call,
Condemning all who don’t bother."

When Jesus has entered the picture
And every bit of sin does erase,
God watches my life continually
With only the eyes of Grace.

I am not even close to perfect,
He of all knows that very fact
And patiently and firmly corrects
Each and every rebellious act.

Now where is this story going
And what is there here to learn.
How God looks at my actions,
Shows me something to discern.

His kindness in my weakness
Is offered to a repentant heart,
With the grace of understanding
I receive a brand new start.

As I consider the life of others
And the stress upon their face,
Surely I must view my brother,
Looking through the eyes of Grace.
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