Two Little Angels
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Adaugata in 18/02/2006
Once two little angels, high on a cloud,
were playing together, when one said aloud,
"let's peek over the side and see what's below,
there are many things there that I'd like to know."

With heads close together, they leaned near the side,
when over they tumbled, and the tiny one cried,
"watch out, we're falling, spread out my left wing,
sometimes these can be the most troublesome things."

Their wings in full spread as nice as you please,
they glided along through the air with great ease,
when at length they alighted upon a green ridge,
where children were playing, the game London Bridge.

The two angels watched them, with rapture intense,
till they happen to notice way back by the fence,
there the saw standing alone, unwanted and scorned,
was a poor lad with crutches, and clothes all torn.

The two little angels quitely crept up to the lad,
and with voice's aquiver said "why are you sad?"
"Would you like to play like the other kids do?"
and without looking up the boy said, "I'd like to,
but you see I have crutches, and I cannot play,
but why do you ask? Who are you two anyway?"

Then he said with surprise "You have wings to fly;
are you angels from heaven, do you live in the sky?"
"I wish I could fly, or even just walk and run,
but my crutches don't let me have very much fun.
For I must go slowly along and be all by myself,
like a broken toy, that's been left on the shelf."

The two angels listened to what the lad said,
then looked at each other and nodded their heads,
"we'll be back little boy, we've something to do,
it'll turn out to be a surprise, just for you."

Then spreading their wings they took to the air,
and flew to some wet lands and landed there,
then pulled up some long bright golden reeds,
when braided became the ropes they would need.

Back to the little lad's side the two flew,
and fasten one end of the reeds to his shoes,
then very quickly they fashioned them so neat,
to each wing they attached the reeds for a seat.

"We'll be flying horses and a carriage for you,"
said the two little angels, "twill be such fun too.
Take the reins in your hands, and away we will fly,
up and over the tree tops, so high in the sky."

After flying for hours at last they came down,
when the sun was beginning to set on the town,
the little lad thanked them and said with a sigh,
"I'll always remember my special day in the sky."

Another small tear slipped down his pale cheek,
it touched the angels hearts, making them weep.
"Dear lad do not thank us, for its God up above,
that makes things happen through His true love."

The little old crutches fell down with a crash,
and scattered in pieces all over the grass,
the lad took a step toward's the remains,
and found he was standing without any pains.

"Oh, angels he murmured, I can run and walk,"
But the angels were gone ~ where did they go?
While sitting back on their cloud way up above,
the angels reflected on God's wondrous love.

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