What Am I Doing?
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Adaugata in 18/02/2006
What am I doing with the life that I live,
Do I have anything to offer, anything to give?
I've wasted so much time God's given to me,
I haven't done much it's plain to see.

When I look outside the scope I live in,
I can see many who are living in sin,
I am responsible to show them God's love,
God shouldn't have to give me a shove.

The harvest is ripe the laborers are few,
the response is left for me and for you,
What will we say when we stand before Him,
Have we tried to win any of them?

We have been fed so much of the Word,
There's so many that never have heard,
Who will be at fault when Christ we meet,
When we stand before the judgement seat,

Would we be guilty with blood on our hands,
because we neglect what God demands.
we need to wake up and look around,
so more can go up and not down.

If a house was on fire would we sound an alarm,
or turn away thinking there was no harm,
No we'd warn them of the danger they're in,
so we need to warn them of their sin.

Let's don't be selfish and keep God's love quiet,
He's coming back like a thief in the night.
We can still work while it is day,
Loving and showing our neighbor the way. -
If you work on your part and I do mine,
Everything we do will work out fine,
We'll work hard to win this race -
Hear His well done, when we meet Him face to face.
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