Who is late ?
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He hands her flowers and a box of candy with a bow,
He loves her more than anybody else could ever know.
To him she is so beautiful and makes his heart just melt,
The love he has for her is something he has never felt.

She takes the flowers and the candy heart that's trimmed in lace,
And as she looks into his eyes a smile is on her face.
He reaches out to touch her and she says he is so sweet,
To go through all this trouble for the flowers and the treat.

The love we have is wonderful she whispers through her tears,
How could we be so much in love and not have any fears.
She smiles as she looks at his face and sees him smiling back,
Since they met and fell in love there's nothing that they lack.

Tonight they have a dinner date with dancing at a hall,
For Valentine's they always throw a splendid regal ball.
They will dance the night away and dine on fine cuisine,
And it will be the grandest time that they have ever seen.

Many lovers celebrate for this day every year,
Celebrations of their love with merriment and cheer.
But. . . she knows that this is special, she can hardly wait,
She knows that he will "pop the question" as they celebrate.

They have talked about it in a joking sort of way,
But serious enough that they know what each one will say.
She has a sense of humor and he knows just what to do,
Because they share so many things he also has one too.

They have so much in common and they have right from the start,
Everything from sense of humor to a loving heart.
What a pair their friends have said, no one could find it odd,
Because you two are very much like two peas in a pod.

You laugh and joke and just enjoy all that this life can give,
We'll never see two more like you as long as we will live.
If ever two belonged together it must be your fate,
Now we understand the term when people say "soulmate"

She smiles again and feels so warm, he is a handsome man,
Nobody ever made her feel the way that this man can.
His heart is full of love for her like she has never seen,
Sometimes he makes her feel and act just like a giggling teen.

She knows tonight will be like that, a mushy girl inside,
When he asked the question "will you please become my bride?"
Just the thought of hearing it just fills her heart with glee,
They will join together now until eternity.

He smiles at her and on her forehead plants a little kiss,
Now he said I must get ready and get dressed for this.
She nods her head and smiles at him and says yes you must go.
We must get ready for tonight we can't be late you know.

Excitement over takes them now as they must both prepare,
To join the ball for Valentines tonight with their friends there.
He will dress so elegant in tails and his black tie,
And as for her the finest gown that she could find to buy.

Valentines comes once a year and lovers celebrate,
And it is such a special time if you have found your mate.
Candy, flowers, cards and parties come in any form,
And all the lovers celebrating is a yearly norm.

Some have loved and some have lost and some have lost a love,
And some think love will never come is what their thoughts are of.
But love may find you anytime so don't sit there and mope,
If your heart is set on love then don't give up your hope.

Many celebrate the way the story reads above,
Making their commitments on this day expressing love.
But there's a little moral in this story you will see,
She had just turned 80 and her man was 83.

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