Your Spirit
Autor: Anonim  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 18/02/2006

I love You, Lord, and praise Your name.
With You in my life, I’m not the same.
You give me hope when there is none.
Your spirit’s like the first ray of sun.

When I am sad, You give me cheer.
When I’m afraid, You remove my fear.
When I am weak, You make me strong.
Your spirit’s like a bird’s sweet song.

When I need to grieve, You comfort me.
When I am wrong, You help me see.
You show me where I went astray.
Your spirit’s here to lead my way.

When other people put me down,
You reach out and erase my frown.
You shower me with Your sweet love.
Your spirit’s like a snow white dove.

When life’s daily trials I face,
You walk beside me pace by pace.
I know I can depend on You.
Your spirit’s like the morning dew.

When I try to share your grace,
Give me the words and your embrace.
Convict the one I’m talking to,
Your spirit’s here to see me through.

As time goes by and I get old,
You keep me warm when I am cold.
When my body’s racked with pain,
Your spirit’s like a gentle rain.

When my life on earth is done,
and the prize I’ve finally won.
When on Your face, I finally gaze,
I’ll kneel to You and give You praise.

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