Breakfast With Jesus
Autor: Glenn A. Hascall  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 18/02/2006
The sun’s just a’rising
Coffee cup in my hand
Watching light touch
Every part of this land

The birds sing "Good morning"
No wind to disturb
The paperboy’s pitching
Isn’t meant to perturb

I pick up my Bible
Read some good news
The paper can wait
Until I am through

But wait, I’m not done
There are prayers to be said
For my wife and my kids
Sisters, Mom and my dad

I can’t fully explain
This morning affair
When my family’s asleep
Without worry or care

I’ll rise up and admire
The sun as it grows
And I’ll seek God’s face
I pray that it shows

Hope it doesn’t sound
As if I’m a’bragging
And I’d hate to be thought
That I might be nagging

Just one simple man
Who can’t get through the day
Without starting with God
And what He has to say

I’ve tried it alone
The pressure - the grind
I fall flat on my face
Without knowing His mind

So tomorrow - God willing
I’ll rise with the first light
And have breakfast with Jesus
My day started right

For you it might be
At noon or the twilight
Perhaps right before bed
Or the middle of the night

Whenever you’ve found
The time to commune
Rejoice in the feast
Come back again soon
Very nice "God Bless you"
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