More Than These
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Adaugata in 18/02/2006
The tree covered with ornaments
of Christmas long ago,
The lovely Yuletide carols,
songs of angels, playing low;
Aromas from the kitchen,
cookies baking, sure to tease,
Receiving cards from folks afar...
I love you more
than these.

The reds, the greens, the lighted scenes
most everywhere you go,
The kittens' eyes of sheer surprise:
their first attempt at snow!
The fun of viewing landscape
now revealed by fallen leaves,
Our kisses 'neath the mistletoe...
I love you more
than these.

The taste of eggnog, scent of pine,
Cardinals and Blue Jays in a line,
The carrot for the snowman's nose,
Poinsettia and Christmas rose;
My hand in yours on wintry walks,
church bells that peal, and noisy flocks
of geese that soar above the trees...
I love you more
than these.

The wonders so unspeakable,
the joys beyond compare,
The palaces, the streets of gold,
with angels everywhere;
The awesome Land of Jesus,
lacking nothing that could please,
Glory past all imagining...
Christ loved you more
than these.

~ Connie Hinnen Cook ~

Out of the Ivory Palaces
into a world of woe,
Only His great eternal love
made my Savior go.

~Hymn, "Ivory Palaces"
Henry Barraclough

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