House Across the Street
Autor: Marilyn Ferguson  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 18/02/2006
On countless days I'd seen him
In the sunshine and the rain
Mowing his yard - going to work
Or driving down his lane.

Not once had I stopped to say hello
Or give him the time of day
The man who lived next door to me
Whom I saw from day to day.

I knew nothing of his family
Vaguely aware he had a spouse
He was only just a neighbor
Who lived in the big white house.

Perhaps, someday in the future
I'd take the time to greet
The man who shared the block with me
In the house across the street.

A couple of years had come and gone
I kept thinking that I might
Go over and say hello to him
But the time was never right.

It wasn't until tragedy struck
That I even cared to meet
The man who died so suddenly
In the house across the street.

I said a prayer for his family
As I watched them drive away
Wanting to bring them comfort
But not knowing what to say.

So let this be a lesson
Please take the time to greet
The ones who live next door to you
In the house across the street.

Somebody is every time waiting into the dark a word from me. He or She is to close to me not to be interested in him ro her.
May I have the favour to give a romanian words for this beautiful bite of cake?
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