Love Never Fails
Autor: Joyce C. Lock  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Diverse
Adaugata in 18/02/2006
How many times do you suppose
We've hurt people and not realized it;
To have reacted without thought;
To have deemed another not ready ...

Worthy, capable, or spiritual enough;
to have picked our favorite over another;
To have excluded one who didn't measure up;
To sit by one more attractive, popular, or fun ...

To have been in such a hurry to greet one
That we bypassed another;
To have closed our heart to someone
Whose words we didn't want to hear ...

To think we've done God a favor
By getting rid of someone we thought
Difficult, different, or wrong?

How many times do you suppose
This prayer has been prayed for us,
"Father, forgive them; for
They know not what they do?"

Were we to ask God to open our eyes,
To see ourselves as He sees us;
To examine our heart, actions,
Attitudes, and motives ...

God would be faithful
To show us how we
Are hurting His cause.

Once we've found our sin
And corrected it,
We can ask God to show us
Another and, then, another.

One step at a time,
We'll be weeding out the flesh
And Satan's power over us
While winning the world to Christ.

Love never fails, I Co. 13:8.
It's guaranteed!

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