Only Time
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Adaugata in 18/02/2006
The wind is blowing cold outside the chill is in the air,
The holidays have come and gone and he just did not care.
He tried to do the best he could and join in the commotion's.
But happiness would just not come he just went through the motions.

He used to love the holidays and waited all year long,
To join in all the joyous times with merriment and song.
He used to love each minute with his family and his friends,
And used to never ever leave until a party ends.

But this year it was agony as he endured that time,
And there were moments when he thought that he would lose his mind.
He tried so hard to join the group while they were having fun,
But in his heart he knew he wasn't fooling anyone.

They could see right through him but they never said a word,
At least to him said nothing but he always overheard.
Some would whisper to another in a quiet tone,
Maybe it is best for us to just leave him alone.

Now the parties are all over and the year is new,
Even thought it was so painful he had made it through.
Never did he think a time would come like he just had,
Never did he think that holidays could be so bad.

But now he sits and thinks of it while watching cold winds blow,
Feeling cold and crystallized just like the fallen snow.
It must be true just like they say someday things will be fine,
And now he knows it is so true that nothing works but time.

Time to let the pain subside and time enough to heal,
Nothing takes the place of time and now he knows it's real.
Trying to just force yourself to take a quicker pace,
Never works and sometimes even slows the painful race.

Losing someone that you love is painful deep inside,
Trying to force healing will not make the pain subside.
We cannot control emotions or an attitude,
We cannot just force ourselves to have a happy mood.

Life is not a guarantee and nothing is for sure,
When you lose a loved one only time can be the cure.
As we travel through this life one thing we need to learn,
Time will heal and pain will cease and then joy will return.

There is a time for everything in life the scriptures say,
Happiness and sadness both descend on us this way.
Loved ones come and then they go and when they do we grieve.
Sometimes death will take them from us or they just may leave.

Painful times and happy times will come to everyone,
Times of sorrows and of tears but also times of fun.
Time can be your enemy or time can be your friend,
Time is all we really have until the very end.

Once again he realizes nothing is for sure,
All that anyone can do is just try to endure.
Just embrace the happiness when life is being prime,
But now this year he understands that nothing heals but time.
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