Reflections... at 70 years of age
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Up to now and from now ever, an inhabitant of earth
was not nor will ever be offered by the Lord a choice in being.
Neither was the color of their skin,
nor the place of habitation offered up on some kind of menu.
Likewise length of stay is never up to any one
Have they riches or have they none.

Rhyme and rhythm comes in focus
To only those seeking meaning of their being beyond this world.

A choice, one only is given to man: how
he chooses to live beyond the now.
Naked and without is man’s arrival here below,
Anything called his is but a gift from God
Who’s anxious to add happiness to top it off.

Know this, more quantity you’re gifted does not happiness equate
Rather the management thereof will decide a worthy fate.
Time spent on that which you cannot take with you
At journey’s start after this earthly one is done,
Is but a waste that leaves holes in your soul
Here in this life and in the one beyond the clouds.

All your fortune seeking of your pleasure
All aspirations, all earthly desires
Without the scope of seeking Jesus
(The very One that from this prison frees us)
These will fill your heart with sawdust
Whereas your heart requires His Grace
Only He can quench that hunger
Peace comes only from his place.

These indisputable and righteous musings are so
Because they’re born of Scriptures, but we also know
That logic has proven this very thing
When followed, the proof is in the pudding
Your life both here and above will be
Guaranteed fulfilment, gaiety.

Lo’ and behold, my few words here
Jovial, good natured, good looking as I tend to be
Having age to go with beauty,
I dare loudly to exclaim
„Beautiful is life lived fully, centered on Jesus’ name”

I’ve not had much to my name but I have not desired any
I’ve never lacked a thing in life though opportunities were many
To chase fame or titles, notoriety of any sort has been
No passion of mine and I have seen
That my joy has been the constant thread
My joy in God has been Word lead.

As for marriage, like any man, I had visions
Of royal princesses and such, I had to defer my choice to Him
I’ve relented „You know best of what is beauty
Best of what is good for me.
Are you not the Creator of the very potion fine
Which the song dubs famously as „Love potion number 9”?

My decision was rewarded unlike I could have imagined
Because Ana is more royal, she’s the winner of my pageant.
Words fail to portray the joy a happy marriage brings
When with eyes closed to outward view, the man allows
The choice of future bride to be
Chosen by the Creator. Blessed is he

There was much concern at first
I sweated not, thought not the worst.
Took some time but once we started
We spawned in automatic mode
Multiplying did not stop
Until God’s order was told.
Sure I could have intervened
Taken stock, taken control
Of how many children we have
How long we add to the fold.
But again I chose to lean on God’s wisdom and choice for me
Bypassing normal convention to lean on his deity.

You may ask, are there not hardships
With so many it can’t be easy?
And you’re right. It’s not
But this is why I have it breezy.
Since I have deferred my choice to the Maker of mankind
Tough times are His to support one hundred percent of time.
For he that takes on the obedience of Jesus yoke
Will never be at loss, wherever his boat floats.

Though problems are bound to happen, I’ve endured, what can I say
Some have even been self-manufactured, but God’s grace has found a way
To keep me from falling victim. I have not had much to stray.

Seek to be fulfilled in this life brought to you by the Creator?
Choose not anything which stems from within ‚You’. At your equator
Remember Psalm 119, verse 98 through 103
And this last thing you must remember. That is all:
Life can be like a cruise here below if you keep in mind your port of call.
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