On Resurrection
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● Death is the crucial question of life. Resurrection is the answer.

● An endless history is anyway a non-sense for man, even if the world would be to grow from progress to progress. Absurdity comes from the monotony of Sisyphus’s like toil. Only the miracle of resurrection of the dead gives meaning to life and a redeeming value to the restiveness of history.

● The concept of the heavens was devised by the Egyptians as a place for their Pharaohs to go after their worldly death. It was also a matter of national, imperial pride. How could the ancient Egyptians, who at that time of their glory, considered themselves the masters of the world here and beyond, how that their god, the Pharaoh, could end in the humiliating condition of the mortals? The almighty and divine Pharaohs could not be buried in subterranean hell, as the Mesopotamian kings, their rivals which because of their scarcity of cosmogonist imagination were left to rot in oblivion and dust like any other mortal after their death? The last exultant Pharaoh Ra had to be deposed by Osiris himself, saved from the eternal forgetfulness and eternal amnesia of his sister, Isis, to the Sphinx’s eternally conceited enigmatic perplexity.

● The light of the resurrection is becoming more visible as the world's history enters its own twilight, as man’s struggles in vain to find his own reasons of being and living without God, by man beginning to discover his inner shadow.

● There is a vicious circle between sin and death: we sin because we die and we die because we sin, or have sinned and have not yet repented, or have repented too late, that is, on the day of righteous judgment at the end of the ages. Through the Resurrection of Jesus this fatidic cycle was broken, thus giving man the real possibility of spiritual ascent. This new birth in spirit is an anticipation and proof of our spiritual freedom and ultimately to our resurrection. The chains of death have indeed been broken.

● Resurrection is fleshly and spiritual. Only the physical resurrection is for all.

● Resurrection is the necessary transfiguration of the human being who in such condition is enabled to receive the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

● A cross without the resurrection is still just an instrument of torture.

● On the Cross of Calvary, in Jesus Christ, God dies as man. This has become a fundamental theological datum for man’s salvation. Thus, God, who would otherwise have remained unchanged in nature, essentially adds to His existence the man’s mortal existence and condition, so by His resurrection to raise man to the privilege and dignity of a new life in God.

● Many yearn the bright aura of resurrection, but not the night of the soul, the suffering on the cross.

● After His holy resurrection, Jesus appears to those who loved Him and then believed in Him. Even today He is present in the Spirit, especially to those who believe in Him and love Him.

● From the hill where Jesus was crucified, rivers of blood have flown through history. In this world, however, where the sun shines over both the good and the wicked, and where we too are born, as if only of being tested by our own suffering, in this world the Sun of justice and of the eternal righteousness has once resurrected.

● When hostility of the neighboring world raises around us mountains of indifference and ill-disposed will, when darkness sets up in front of our every step trap to fall, our only hope is to see everything in the light of the resurrection. The light that raises to life the kernel buried in the darkest depths the earth’s heart, that light can enlighten and bring to life an existence blinded by the darkness of sin.

● A true Christian is like being already raised from the dead. He sees spirit and lives in the dimension of a new reality, of the mystical and revealed reality, waiting with spiritual joy for the day when the resurrection will no longer be a mere metaphor, meaning a reality difficult to explain by reason alone, but an eternal reality, visible to all and without the need for metaphors to explain it.

● For Christians, the resurrection begins at baptism, as the baptized one is expected to be resurrected to a new life now and at the end of the ages. After baptism the soul begins to gain power to submit the body, grace and will to transfigure it in the light of resurrection. Such soul begins to grow like the wings of a bird. Because they are trapped by the flesh, these wings can also carry the body to celestial heights.
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