Autor: Jason Sweet  |  Album: Transformed  |  Tematica: Lauda si inchinare
Resursa adaugata de Hold_Me_Tight in 07/12/2010
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1. I'm all alone, in my bedroom
I contemplate about the things i do
Well i can't seem to recognize
Why can't i see beyond these eyes

R: And i think i need a savior like you
One who talks to me
Someone who sees everything i see
I think i need a savior like you
One who hears my prayers
Someone who always will be there
I think i need a savior like you

2. So Jesus can you fill my life
I want to give it all
I want to make things right
Because this time your all i see
Jesus your love has set me free

B: I don't understand how the touch of hand
Makes me a believer
I can't realize why these tears in my eyes say
I need you
So come in my life make everything right
I want you to be with me
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