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He Was Wounded for Me
Autor: Ulysses Phillips  |  Album: Album necunoscut  |  Tematica: Cina
Resursa adaugata de Aleee in 05/10/2007
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1. I have read in His word how the blessed Savior came
To this world, and He died on the tree;
There my Savior and Lord, yes, my Prophet, Priest, and King—
He was bruised and was wounded for me.

R: He was wounded for me, He was wounded for me,
Christ the Savior was wounded for me;
For my sins and transgressions, O my Lord, this my plea,
That Jesus, my Savior, was wounded for me.

2. Oh, my soul, stand in awe, see what anguish He has borne,
In the garden alone, all for thee;
There was nothing of earth for thy sins that could atone,
Then He died, yes, He died there for me.

3. Now I bow at His feet, and the story I repeat,
Of His love that has reached even me;
I will praise His great name, and shall never cease to sing,
That my Savior was wounded for me.
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