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Heavenly Welcome
Autor: Jennie Mast  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Lauda si inchinare
Resursa adaugata de Aleee in 05/10/2007
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1. Feet that have carried the gospel glad,
Tidings of peace as the Savior said;
Hands that have strengthened the weak and sad,
Will be waiting there.

R: Those beautiful portals will open wide,
Open wide, open wide;
Those beautiful portals will open wide
To welcome thee.

2. Feet that have traveled the narrow way,
Faltering not in the battle fray,
Treading the thorns in the heat of day,
Will be waiting there.

3. Hands that were folded before thy view,
Pressed by thine own in a promise true,
Sprinkled with tears as the morning dew,
Will be waiting there.

4. Waiting and beckoning on and on,
Resting from toil in that palace home,
Eager to know will the children come
To these mansions fair.

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