Handle with Care
Autor: Judith Garnett  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Lauda si inchinare
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Look out, little woman! Look out, little man!
Do be just as careful as ever you can,
For each of you carry a treasure too rare
To risk any trifling, so "Handle with care!"

Look out! Look out, little woman!
Look out, little man!

Your soul is the treasure, and day after day
You choose which to follow: the straight or broad way;
So mind what comes nigh you, and heed where you go—
Your soul is eternal for weal or for woe.

The words of the Savior were "Come unto Me!"
So sweetly He spoke them in dear Galilee;
He wants us to serve Him with pure hearts, and true;
Then let us be careful in all that we do.

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