Fire in the Soul
Autor: Daniel S. Warner  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Lauda si inchinare
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1. Is the Spirit glowing in thy heart?
Oh, my brother, can you say
That you feel the burning love of God
In thy bosom day by day?

R: Yes, ’tis love, ’tis burning love divine,
Filling all my soul’s desire;
Oh, how sweet its glories ever shine!
Now I feel the glowing fire.

2. Has the merit of the blood divine
Swept away thy sinful stain?
And does heaven’s glory in Thee shine,
Ever bright and holy flame?

3. Is thy hope unclouded by a fear?
*Hallelujah! do you know [*And this moment]
That the love of God is burning clear
In thy heart as white as snow?

4. Do you feel the mighty, living pow’r,
Filling all thy mortal frame?
And does all thy heart forever pour
Streams of glory to His name?

5. If thy all is on the altar laid,
Guard it from each vain desire;
When thy soul the perfect price hath paid,
God will send the holy fire.

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