Faith Is Believing
Autor: Daniel O. Teasley  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Lauda si inchinare
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1. Faith is believing, the promise is true,
Trusting in Jesus your strength to renew;
Resting so sweetly, secure on His word,
Shielded from danger with Jesus the Lord.

R: Faith is believing, simply receiving
What in His promise God has revealed;
Trust Him forever, doubt Him, no, never,
Till thy petition His Spirit hath sealed.

2. Faith is believing, why longer remain
Under the bondage of Satan’s domain?
See, though all blood-stained, the banner unfurled—
Faith is the victory that conquers the world.

3. Faith is believing, the soul’s happy rest,
Faith is believing, though sorely oppressed;
Singing in triumph whatever assail,
High on the mountains or low in the vale.

4. Faith is believing, then doubt Him no more,
Sell all your sorrows, your troubles give o’er;
Soar in the sunlight above every cloud,
Triumph forever, believing in God.

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