Ever Keep Heaven in View
Autor: H. R. Jeffrey  |  Album: fara album  |  Tematica: Lauda si inchinare
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1. Pilgrim of Jesus, o’er life’s troubled sea,
Courage, and onward pursue;
A crown of rejoicing is waiting for thee,
Ever keep heaven in view.

R: Ever keep heaven in view,
Ever keep heaven in view;
Courage, my brother, right onward pursue,
Ever keep heaven in view.

2. Pilgrim of Jesus, what saddens thy brow?
Are not His promises true?
How needless thy sorrow, He’s bidding thee now,
Ever keep heaven in view.

3. Pilgrim of Jesus, oh, lift up thy head,
Ask and thy strength He’ll renew;
And, while in the footprints of Jesus you tread,
Ever keep heaven in view.

4. Pilgrim of Jesus, that Eden above
Long has been waiting for you;
And soon thou shalt reach thy fair mansion of love,
Ever keep heaven in view.

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