Buried with him in immersion
Autor: William G. Schell  |  Album: Album necunoscut  |  Tematica: Cina
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1. Buried with Him in immersion,
How sacred to sink ’neath the wave;
We witness a pure testimony,
When low’red in the symbolic grave.

R: I bid the world a last farewell,
No more in sin I’ll ever dwell;
Joined to the Lord like saints of yore,
Never to part, no, nevermore.

2. Buried with Him in immersion,
According to Heaven’s command
To follow the Savior’s example,
And thus in His favor to stand.

3. Buried with Him in immersion,
To show that our conscience within
Is freed from the dread condemnation
Incurred in the thraldom of sin.

4. Buried with Him in immersion,
To show we are washed in His blood,
We’ve died to the world and its pleasures,
And live to the glory of God.

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