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Autor: Third Day  |  Album: Conspiracy No. 5  |  Tematica: Lauda si inchinare
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1. In this place
Saw her face
Couldn't be more happier
Made for Him
It's a sin
That she was not faithful
She couldn't be
More unfaithful if she tried
He did not care
Wanted her
Despite lies and wandering eyes

R: He deserves the very best
But He loves her none the less

2. She's forgotten her first love
(Maybe one day she'll return)
He's forgotten that she ever
Went away and broke His heart

B: Lavished on
Silver, gold, anything she needed
Wasted thoughts
Broken hearts
Love was not acknowledged

2. God only knows
That He has shown her
More love than she deserves
There will come a time
When she will find
That He's not there
To give her love
And He'll be gone away
From her forever

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