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The reason I sing to You
Autor: Jimmy Needham  |  Album: Nightlights  |  Tematica: Lauda si inchinare
Resursa adaugata de ligiat96 in 31/03/2013
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1. If it's just to top a song chart
To feed the kids and get a bigger car
The skies already got enough stars
And they all sing Your name

And if I'm here to write a number one
To get a gold or maybe platinum
Make me a singer who is unsung
'Cause You won't share Your fame

R: 'Cause even accolades someday will fade away
Oh just like me
Yes everything but You, yeah
And many years from now
It won't matter how I write the rhymes I do, yeah
Help me get back to the reason I sing for You

2. I'm always looking for the limelight
To dim my house and make the stages bright
Compared to You I'm just a night light
Against the blazing sun

I enter rooms and hope they notice me
To fill my social insecurities
I'm asking is there any hope for me
'Cause there's only room here for one

3. Why are we so convinced a bigger audience
Is simply common sense to have?
Maybe success is measured best
By nothing less than our obedience

So if I'm destined for a small stage,
The small crowds and the small pay,
then maybe in a small way I can bring you fame, yeah

C: Oh, Oh oh
Help me get back to the reason I sing for You
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