The Blowing Leaves
Autor: James A. Kisner
Album: fara album
Categorie: Diverse
She gazes at the autumn leaves that blow across the grass,
Thinking to herself and hoping that this fear will pass.
Autumn was the time of year that they both most enjoyed,
But this year was so different now that he had been deployed.

He would serve his country in the way that it seemed fit.
He received his orders and he had to follow it,
Off into a foreign country far away from home,
While she sits here thinking of him she is all alone.

Holidays are coming quickly but it doesn't matter,
Thinking she will not be with him only makes her sadder.
For many years the holidays were filled with happiness,
Never did she think that there would be one such as this.

Our country called him to fulfill his patriotic deed,
And he stood ready anytime our country was in need.
She had cried and felt afraid when the orders came,
But she knew as well as he that nothing stays the same.

Freedom always has a price and sometimes we must fight,
To guarantee the people in our country keep their rights.
Brave souls in our country always met the challenges,
Now the time has come and now the challenge will be his.

She thinks of the expression on his face when he found out,
Excitement mixed with sad emotions but there was no doubt.
He was ready and determined to protect his home,
Even if it meant that he would leave her here alone.

She sees the leaves again as they go blowing in the wind,
Smiling as she thinks of something spoken by a friend.
The words come back because the friend had said he was a gem,
Our country is so great because of people just like him.

Men and women standing strong to make this country great,
Going forth when called so they can seal this country's fate.
Going forth for family and going forth for all,
Never ever wavering when they have heard the call.

So as she sits and thinks of him and those that got their call,
Spending holidays alone seems very very small.
She knows that she will miss him when the holidays are here,
She also knows she won't get through without shedding a tear.

So as she sees the leaves that blow and rearrange again,
She knows that life is like the leaves now blowing in the wind.
She knows there must be winter first and that's not far away,
But springtime and our faithful ones will both return someday.

So now she's had her little cry and she can dry her eyes,
She always feels much better for it every time she cries.
Now the holidays can come and she will do her best,
To celebrate with loving friends and family like the rest.

That's just what he would have her do and not change anything,
Just enjoy the holidays and all that they will bring.
We have the right to celebrate in joyous merriment,
They guarantee that right for us and that is why they went.

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