The Dreams Of Children
Autor: James A. Kisner
Album: fara album
Categorie: Diverse
Fly with me to the end of the rainbow,

Come let's play among the stars.

We can journey through the dreams of children,

Twice 'round the Moon and once 'round Mars.

We'll ask the stars their deepest secrets,

Play hide and seek on Saturn's rings.

Let's sing and dance on heavens doorstep,

Now speak of love and wonderful things.

Oh! Let us skip down heavens high road,

Sit upon the pavement made of gold.

We can listen to the song of the Lamb

And to all the stories that He told.

Fly with me to paradise,

With me please come my dearest friend.

Let's explore the dreams of children,

May we hope and pray they'll never end.
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