Was it worth it?
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Album: fara album
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Amid the depths of darkness, these tragic sounds were heard,
T'were voices raised In anguish, uttering horribly sad words,
Outcries there were many, much suffering indeed for all,
They wailed amongst themselves, "Why didn't I heed the call?"

I had so many chances, the words He spoke were always clear...
"Repent my child, come unto me, The end is oh so very near!"
With nail scarred hands, He reached for me, with tears in his eyes...
"I've done all this for you my child, why can't you recognize?"

"Don't turn away, please believe, My promises hold true!
No need to pay the debt you owe, I've paid it all for you,
You've heard my WORD repeatedly, ye know all that I've taught...
The torment I endured for you, don't let it be for naught!"

"The Crown of Thorns, placed on my head, I didn't have to wear,
That Roman spear thrust in my side, I didn't have to bear,
Their mocking taunts, spitting tongues, I could've stopped it all
But instead, I thought of you, and prayed you'd heed my call."

Of course I heard His pleading words, He spoke them faithfully,
He'd say them quite a bit, you know, I knew He did love me,
He also said His Grace would end, and sin would be no more,
He had to stop the hate, the filth, and the ravages of War.

But Alas! I did NOT hear! I was busy having too much fun!
I just didn't have time for Him, I had things to get done!
No time to stop and think of all that He endured for me,
I had to work to buy nice things, more money was the key!

There were parties to attend, and fancy clothes to wear!
Fast cars to drive, new fads to try, and gossip to share!
I wanted to be popular, I always figured that he'd wait,
I kept thinking to myself "It couldn't be that late!"

I was so wrong, He'd had enough, it all came to an end!
Much earlier than I thought it would, then my agony began,
I got what I wanted though, I did reach my earthly goal,
But now, I have to ask myself, WAS IT REALLY WORTH MY SOUL?

Revelations 18:14 "And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all."

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