For Many Years
Autor: Connie
Album: fara album
Categorie: Diverse
For many years I prayed for you
before I saw your face,
And I found home within your arms,
wrapped in your strong embrace.

I asked the Lord to guide your steps
directly to my life,
"Lord God, please choose the man for me
if I'm to be a wife."

And through the years He's held us close,
His love has seen us through ~
I've learned how deeply you love me...
as much as I love you!

And through the valleys, hand-in-hand,
our love has only grown ~
For God Himself has joined our hearts
and carved our love in stone.

Now you're my rock, I'm your balloon,
we fit like hand-in-glove,
For many years I prayed for you,
and always will,
my love.

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!
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