Hey world Petra V1 C V2 C V3 C [V1] It could have gone either way when it came down to the choice To keep the life within a life that had no voice It must have surely seemed the harder road to choose To be so young to have to say who had the most to lose But she came through like a champ and she blessed the world that day Then gave the hope of a better life when she gave him away Now the innocence and joy is there each day he wakes Expressions of his love of life in every breath he takes He could have been thrown away before he had a chance to say [C] Hey world, I am here and I have something to give Hey world, I'm alive and I am wanting to live [V2] He turned to lock the door as he wiped away a tear The hopelessness of missing love, his adolescent fear As he struggled for the strength to put the gun away He found the courage and the hope to face another day He could have been blown away before he had a chance to say [V3] Down the corridor or life in between our death and birth We may start to lose our way in the search to find our worth Our value comes in the face we live Life is a gift only God can give