Let Him in Barney E. Warren V1 C V2 C V3 C V4 C V5 C [V1] Who is knocking at your heart today? Let the Savior in; Sinner, do not grieve the Lord away, Will you let Him in? [C] Let Him in, let Him in, Sinner, rise, let Him in. [V2] He is ling’ring at the closed door, Let the Savior in; You have heard Him knocking o’er and o’er, Will you let Him in? [V3] He has long protected you from death, Let the Savior in; Don’t refuse the Lord who gives you breath, Will you let Him in? [V4] On the cross His blood was shed so free, Let the Savior in; Do not let your will thus dormant be, Will you let Him in? [V5] Is your heart now like the granite stone? Let the Savior in; Soon His blood for you will not atone, Will you let Him in?